You have a unique story to tell.


And we specialize in unveiling the passions that drive the characters in our stories and energize your audience.  

Orangebox Pictures was established in 2011 by way of directing cameraman Nick Donnoli's interest in sharing others' stories in an artful and compelling way.  His film studies and experience assisting on feature film sets lends a cinematic approach to capturing real life. Our stories are about people: the people of your organization, the people who are your clients, the people who attend your institution.  And whether your story is told through students or the CEO, the passion, excitement and emotions they share are magnetic and captivate your viewers. It puts what you do into action and inspires your audience to also want to do the same.  


We have over 10 years of experience in creating content for a variety of platforms, including documentary, broadcast programming, web/social-specific, and live webcasts.  We love working with clients to develop strategies on how to best implement the content we create together and have seen organic reach on social media grow by over 7x! Our team is dedicated to learning the latest trends in media production to keep our clients informed as well as ensure that our equipment can produce images with longevity.  And our reputation of making the process comfortable and worry free means there is no need to stress about planning or production.

Video Production


Marketing Through Storytelling (Branded/Unbranded Content)

Social Media Content Production

Multi-camera live stream/recording

Audio Production

Podcast Editing and Mixing

On-location Podcast Recording

On-location Voice Over Recording

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